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    The gen tools co., LTD,Is specialized in producing all kinds of special non-standard cutting tools of the company。Has the abundant technical force and advanced process equipment and testing means。Company's main products:Broaching cutting tools(The rectangle spline broach、Involute spline broach、Trail centering type composite teeth spline broach、Keyway broach broach、The six-party broach and various special molding broach、Carbide broach、Air conditioning compressor broach、Combination of automobile engine connecting rod broach、The vertical tree tenon tenon chamfer broach、With lateral blade tooth involute broach、With lateral blade Angle of involute spline and pressure after crawler broach、Cycloid gear broach、Automotive steering rod broach)、Gear cutting tools(Gear hob、Carbide gear hob、Hole type
Worm gear hob、Bar type worm gear hob、Spline hob、Gear cutter、Gear cutter、Rub tooth plate、Spiral bevel gear milling cutter、Gear shaper cutters、Screw thread rolling plate、Rolling wheel、Molding tool、All kinds of drill、Milling hinge, etc、Cutting tools and various types of grinding machine、Precision milling cutter grinding machine and other specialized equipment。Can design according to the requirements of customers products for all kinds of special tools。 The creating tools application in aviation products、A car、Metallurgy、Machinery、Electrons、The instrument、Refrigeration and other industries。The company insists on“Reputation first,The customer is supreme”The aim of the,Promote innovation、Strives for realism、Responsibility、Enterprise spirit of sincerity,In order to“Rapid and perfect、Strive for perfection”For the policy。The company all staff after several years of efforts,In mechanical manufacturing already enjoys a high reputation。To the world of rapid and heartfelt thanks to all concerned、Support the development of the company of friends at home and abroad,Willing to work with friends from all walks of life hand in hand draw the grand blueprint,Write a more brilliant music!
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